What do you people do at the Commission now that there are no elections?

Organizing an election or referendum is not just an event rather it is a process. This means that before any electoral activity starts, there is need for a lot of planning, budgeting and research, which takes a lot of time and resources. The Electoral Commission assesses and evaluates the cost and other implications of all the available options and presents them to government. So during the off-peak periods, the Commission does a lot of planning. 
There are activities that are not pegged on elections, and will go on even when there are no elections. Key among such activities is continuous voter registration. The Commission has Registrars in all districts in Uganda, who register eligible voters at the district and Parish levels. Once the pictures and bio data of such eligible voters are captured, they are forwarded to the head office for integrating into the national database (photo-bearing register). 
The Commission also conducts by-elections, in places where vacancies may occur. A by-election may occur when the holder of the office dies, resigns, or when a court of law nullifies the election result. A vacancy can occur at any time, and the Commission is required by law to organize a by-election, hence the need for a high level of preparedness.