Guidelines for verification of supporters of nomination of presidential candidates October 2020

Receiving of lists of Supporters at the Electoral Commission before nomination days

  • Aspiring candidates shall submit lists for at least 98 Districts for which they have collected a minimum of one hundred signatures. N.B: Districts with less 100 signatures shall not be accepted
  • The receiving Officer shall ascertain that a district submitted has a minimum of particulars of 100 supporters
  • An acknowledgement form duly signed by the receiving officer and the Candidate/Candidate’s Agent shall be issued to the candidate or his agent.
  • Intending candidates shall appoint persons in writing to deliver the lists of supporters if the delivery is not done by the aspiring candidates themselves. The appointed persons shall indicate their telephone contacts and physical address.

N.B: Acknowledgement of receipt of lists of supporters does not constitute a certificate of compliance with sec 10(1)(b) and 10(3) of the Presidential Elections Act 2005.

Verification of Supporters in accordance with section 10(3)

The following variables shall be verified

  • Voter registration number (Personal Identification Number)
  • Names of the registered voter supporting the nomination
  • Physical Addresses of the registered voters
  • Existence of signature of the registered voter

Method of Verification of particulars of voters supporting the nomination

Verification shall be done online following the steps below;