The Electoral Commission Management has a secretariat which is headed by the Secretary, assisted by 3 Directors responsible for 3 Directorates of Operations, Finance and Administration and Techinical Support Services. The Secretary is charged with the day to day running of the Commission. He co-ordinates all the activities and functions of the three Directorates of Elections, Technical Services and Finance and Administration. 


The Directorate of Operations is headed by a Director who handles technical issues in election administration. It comprises five departments, these are;
1. Election Management
2. Field Operations
3. Voter Data Management
4. Voter Education and Training
5. Legal and Public Relations


The Directorate of Finance and Administration is charged with ensuring that financial, material and human resources are availed. It comprises three departments, these are;
1. Finance
2. Administration
3. Human Resource Management 
4. Auditing

The Directorate of Technical Support Service is charged with ensuring that all technical services are availed. It comprises two departments, these are; 

1. Planning and Research
2. Information Techinology

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