1 Head of Department 
The head of department is the over-all Coordinator and Overseer of the electoral issues, tasks and activities falling under the department. Below the Head of department, are a national special interest groups and Regional Election officers. Under the Regional Election Officers are the District Registrars and Assistant District Registrars charged with all the electoral tasks in their districts of jurisdiction.

2 Region Election Officers
Each Regional Election Officer is charge of a region in the country demarcated for ease of administration

3 Functions of The Department of Field Operations
• Study, interpretation and operationalisation of electoral laws.
• Co-ordinate the establishment and operation of polling stations.
• Liase the maintenance of databases of elections results.
• Liase the specification of the structures, quality and quantity of polling materials.
• Drawing election programmes and budgets for electoral activities.
• Co-ordinate and oversee the preparation, packing, dispatch and delivery of polling materials to the field.
• Receives, compiles and summarizes district electoral reports.
• Liaise the designing, overseeing the production, distribution and control the use of ballot papers
• Co-ordinate organising and supervising candidates campaign meetings.
• Handling Electoral complaints.
• Supervising, monitoring and evaluation of election activities.
• Co-ordinate all field electoral activities.