Political Party Registration

(1) Make a formal request (in writing) to the Electoral Commission expressing your intention and making reservation of the Name, Symbol, Slogans and Colours of your Political Party.
(2) Obtain from the Electoral Commission an Application Form (Form 1 in the Third Schedule of the PPOA, 2005).
(3) Obtain from the Electoral Commission a Declaration of Assets and Liabilities and Particulars of the Political Party or Organization (Form 2 in the Third Schedule of the PPOA, 2005).
(4) Submit Forms 1 and 2 duly filled by the Applicant and endorsed by a Commissioner for Oaths/Notary Public.
(5) Submit two copies of the Party Constitution, duly signed by authorized officials of the organization together with proof of payment of Deed fee as prescribed in the Regulations.
(6) Submit a list of the full names and addresses of at least fifty members of the organization from each of at least two thirds of all the districts of each of the traditional geographical regions of Uganda and who must be resident or registered voters in the district.
(7) Provide a full description of the identifying Symbols, Slogans, and Colours of the Organization or Political Party and after approval, pay the prescribed registration fee. 
(8) On receipt of the Application the Commission will embark on the registration process and may cause independent inquiries to be made to ascertain the truth or correctness of particulars submitted with the Application. The Electoral Commission shall process the application within six months.
(9) The Electoral Commission shall not register any political party or Organisation whose name, slogan or colour resembles that of a Political Party that has already been registered or whose aims and objectives or Constitution contravenes any law. 

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