Electoral Commission Gender Strategy 2019

The Electoral Commission Gender Strategy 2019 was developed as a guide for gender mainstreaming within the EC and the entire electoral cycle. It complements other existing frameworks that address gender within elections such as the National Women Councils Act (as Amended) 2015, National Youth Council Act (as Amended) 2015 and the Political Parties and Organizations Act (2005) in addition to reinforcing the National Gender Policy (NGP) 2007, which encourages all government ministries to gender mainstream with the long term goal of eliminating all inequalities.

The EC Gender Strategy reiterates commitment to the values and principles of democracy, including gender equality and empowerment. The strategy will, therefore serve as a reference tool to hold EC leadership and staff to appropriate gender outcomes and standards. It seeks to strengthen and guide the organization towards an enabling environment,
allowing staff and partners to monitor and evaluate progress towards achievement of these intentions.