Press Release

Press Release Demarcation of Parliamentary Constituencies and Local Gov't Areas for 2021 Elections

In accordance with Article 63(2) of the Constitution, the Electoral Commission will, commencing Monday 31st August 2020 until Friday 4th September 2020 conduct field activities for the purpose of demarcating Constituencies for the 2020/2021 General Elections.

The activities will involve conducting consultative meetings with stakeholders in each district to confirm Administrative Units that constitute the Counties, City Divisions and Municipalities and defining boundaries of these units.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Revision of Dates for Nomination of Candidates for Local Government Councils Elections 2020-2021

Demarcation of Parliamentary Constituencies and Other Activities Related to the Roadmap for 2020/2021 General Elections

As part of the preparations for the conduct of the 2020/2021 General Elections, the Electoral Commission released a detailed Roadmap on 11th December 2018. The Roadmap, which was shared with all stakeholders in the electoral process, formed the basis for the overall planning and budgeting for the General Elections.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Resumption of Electoral Activities under the Revised Roadmap for 2020/2021 General Elections

It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you back to the premises of the Electoral Commission after almost three months of low-key electoral activity. I thank you for responding to our invitation, and the support you have rendered to the Commission during the period when electoral activities have been suspended due to public health safety concerns, arising out of the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has affected the whole world, Uganda inclusive.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

EC Concludes Display of the National Voters' Register

The Display of the National Voters’ Register ends today, Tuesday 10th March 2020, at all polling stations countrywide.

The Display exercise commenced on Wednesday 19th February 2020 at all the 34,344 polling stations in the country. The Commission further designated 19th – 28th February 2020 as the period for display of Voters’ Registers for Special Interest Groups (SIGs), namely, the Youths, Persons with Disability (PWD), and Older Persons at Village level. That exercise ended as well.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Commencement of Display of the National Voters’ Register and Registers for Special Interest Groups (SIGs), 19th February – 10th March 2020

In preparation for the 2020-2021 General Elections, and in accordance with Section 25 of the Electoral Commission Act (Cap 140), the Electoral Commission has appointed 19th February – 10th March 2020 as the period for the Display of the National Voters’ Register.

The display of the Voters’ Register shall begin at 8:00 am and end at 6:00 pm on each of the appointed dates including weekends, at all polling stations throughout Uganda.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Warning About Fictitious Job Vacancy Announcements

The Electoral Commission has noted a fictitious vacancy announcement circulating on various social media platforms calling for applications to fill positions within its structure at the district level, that is, Sub County Supervisor, Parish Supervisor and Enrollment Officers.

The Electoral Commission would like to inform and warn the general public that this is a fake job announcement designed and placed by fraudulent persons with the intention of misleading and extorting money from unsuspecting members of the public.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

EC Concludes Update of the National Voters’ Register

The Electoral Commission informs the general public that the exercise for general update of the National Voters’ Register ends today, Monday 23rd 2019, at all registration/update centers countrywide.

The general update exercise commenced on Thursday 21st November 2019, and was scheduled to end on 11th December 2019  but was extended for an additional five days (12th December - 16th December 2019, and a further extension of seven days, from 17th December to 23rd December 2019.

Monday, December 23, 2019

EC Gives 7 Additional Days for Voter Register Update

The Electoral Commission has decided to further extend the update period from tomorrow Tuesday 17th December 2019 for seven (7) more days, ending on Monday 23rd December 2019, after which, there will be no further extension.

This exercise will continue to be conducted at update stations in each parish throughout Uganda, starting from 8:00am to 6:00pm, throughout the extended period, including weekends.


Monday, December 16, 2019